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Crystal Kit: Fertility

Crystal Kit: Fertility

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This Fertility Crystal Kit has crystals that were selected that have benefits and energy that helps aid with a happy, healthy and safe pregnancy as well as delivery for mother and child. Selected for their beauty, energy and metaphysical properties each stone represents key qualities of helping with pregnancy/fertility. 

Each Crystal Kit comes with a meaning card providing you the name of the crystals included in your set and their benefits towards your targeted goal. 

*Size varies for each crystal*

*crystals photographed in the order they are listed below*


Unakite: Promotes a positive pregnancy and healthy growth for babies. Enhances fertility & promotes healthy, happy pregnancies. Aids in healthy & safe deliveries. 

Opal: Protects the Female Reproductive System. Helps in Water Retention. 

Red Jasper: Red Jasper is known to help women conceive a healthy child, increasing fertility and boosting their immune system. 

Fluorite: Fluorite is a key fertility crystal as it balances hormones and overall boosts the reproductive system.
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