About MJB & the Owner

Mikaela’s Jewelry Box


MJB’s Vision

MJB’s vision is to inspire women to be the best version of themselves. To uplift and empower them while shining a light on the beauty they possess naturally within. MJB's goal is to provide a hand in your personal self-care journey. A community encouraging self-care, self-love, self-reflection and self-expression. Providing customers with content, products and services that helps them manifest their dreams into a reality. MJB products are meant to take you on a personal growth journey. A beautiful journey that allows you to find peace, positivity, clarity and love. This magical journey will allow you to not only receive this positive energy but to also release it back into the universe. MJB equals Positivity, Healing & Good Vibes!


Meet the owner of MJB-

Hi! I’m Ts’Diquah and I’m the creator and owner of Mikaela’s Jewelry Box. I'm a creative entrepreneur born and raised in New York City...specifically, the Bronx! I grew up surrounded by fashion, art, music and creativity. Growing up in NYC I was able to major in healthcare in high school and fashion in college. I combined both of my interests and created Mikaela’s Jewelry Box aka MJB! MJB is a small business focused on self-care products, specifically crystal jewelry and crystal products. MJB is a business focused on your spiritual awakening/journey with a holistic wellness approach. Crystals can bring you so many positive, healing benefits into your life with meditation and manifestation. Raising awareness on self-care and self-reflection is important to me. I hope my products and services can bring a positive light into all of my customers' lives. My jewelry, crystals and other products are all about Positivity, Healing & Good Vibes!

MJB was created and is dedicated to the memory of my one and only sister Mikaela. Forever my angel.

MJB is inspired by the two people that fill my life with joy, laughter, and love ~Justin & Michal